Case Study: Logo Transformation


We were approached by a client for which we built a website. The client hired someone else to design the company’s new logo and the client now needed the new logo added to the website. Easy enough.

Just one problem: the logo was a disaster.

The business was supposed to appeal to women. It was supposed to promote health and wellness, giving an impression of caring, a gentle approach and an understanding of women’s concerns. The logo that the client sent did none of those things. In fact, with its shades of blue and boxed approach, the logo was far more masculine than feminine…for a women’s health center run by a woman!

After taking a long look at the logo and considering our options, we decided to start from scratch. The client hadn’t asked for a new logo but a new logo is exactly what they were going to get because it is what they needed. We would present them with a new logo. They were free to revert back to the old logo if they wanted to, but we knew they wouldn’t want to after comparing the two logos side-by-side.

We went to work creating something that would speak to women while communicating comfort, concern and care. We called the client to tell them what we had done. After seeing it, the head doctor said unequivocally, “I love it.” The old logo was shelved, new signage was ordered and a local company that thought they had a good handle on their logo realized that their brand could be so much more than it was, it could speak directly to their audience and it could reflect the business they were building and the community they were serving.