Why and How to Add Stories to Your Sales, Advertising and Marketing

Humans have told and heard stories for so long that it’s part of who we are. Stories allow us to understand, to relate emotionally and to provide context. Given storytelling’s fundamental nature in informing who we are as people,it is absolutely essential that businesses use stories to deliver their messages. When they harness the power of stories, those messages will immediately become more meaningful, impactful and actionable.

3 Steps to More Sales in the 2nd Quarter

Regardless of how you ended the first quarter of 2018, what are you going to do to make the second quarter of the year even better? Below is a link to my latest video outlining three actions to boost sales over the next 90 days. Here’s the catch: they only work when taken together. Do just one and it won’t be enough. Do all three in order and you’re on your way to growing your top-line revenue.

Here’s a summary:

1. Pinpoint your target.
You need to know EXACTLY who your audience consists of…who are the people that should be buying from you regularly? Where do they live? How are old they? What are their three biggest pain points? Where do they hangout online? Where do they hang out offline? You need to know who you’re marketing to – that makes it a lot easier to get into their head and solve their issues.

2. Create offers to solve their problems.
All buying decisions come down to the desire to do one of two things: avoid pain or indulge desire. From health insurance to ice cream cones to new cars to aspirin, our purchases define us and the things we love and the things we hate. As a business owner, it’s up to you to figure out why people buy your product or service then tap into that mindset.

3. Invite them to take the next steps.
It’s very natural for people to be led to something. You can’t expect everyone in your audience to just take independent action and call you when they only when they need you, assuming they don’t call the competition. Don’t let that happen – always be inviting your prospects to take the next step with you. Make it easy for them to make the purchasing decision. What happens when you make it easier for more people to buy from you? More people buy from you.