Marketing Monday: The Four Pillars of Online Marketing

Pillar #1: Your Website & Your Blog

Your website should be mobile responsive. More than 50-60% of all your traffic is coming from mobile devices. In addition, your website needs to be found. If you’re a home painter in Nebraska, you need to come up for terms for painters in Nebraska. Your blog is a great way to establish yourself as an expert, to build your audience, & to maintain fresh content on your website.

Pillar #2: Social Media

You should be updating regularly and driving your audience to your website.

Pillar #3: Email Newsletters

It’s effective, it’s affordable and easy. It’s easily measurable.

Pillar #4: Google & SEO

Keeping Google optimized so Google can easily find it. One misconception is you should write for Google, this is simply not true. Write for your audience. If you consistently update your website & blog, your SEO will naturally rise to the top.