What to post on Social Media profiles

Today we are addressing the age old question, “What to post about on social media profiles?”. We get this question from all types of bushiness and all types of industries.

There are some guidelines you follow when deciding on types of content you post on your social media profile, whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,  or LinkedIn.

  1.  Your content should be informative, inspirational, educational or amusing. It needs to be useful content. The first thing to consider is your audience. Your post need to make an emotional connection with your audience. No one will see them if they are not liked, or shared, or commented on.
  2.  Your posts should make an emotional impact with your audience. The quality content that will be seen and shared, and liked, needs to be emotionally engaging. After a while, simply posting your hours of operation, menu, etc. will get boring. You’ll begin to wonder why you aren’t getting the engagement you are expecting. Your posts are lacking an emotional engagement. Simply put, you need to understand the psychology of you target audience. It’s much easier to post a series of updates if you have a good sense of who you audience is, what drives them, what motivates them, and what inspires them.
  3.  Mix your posts up with pictures, text, video, going live. Instagram & Instagram specifically really allow you to be creative. Use these tools to engage and have fun with your audience.

Use these tools and I can guarantee you’ll see an uptick in your social media engagement.