When Someone Visits Your Website Show Them a Mirror

People know, like and trust people like themselves. We are pre-disposed to be biased toward ourselves and those like us. That can be seen on many levels in society for better or worse – sports fans, middle-school gamers, sewing club members, etc. When we see a bit of ourselves in someone else, we immediately like that person more than we may have previously.

The same holds true for your business and your online presence. Your website visitors want to know that you understand and empathize with them, that you’re on their side…that you get it. When someone lands on your website, there is a span of milliseconds in which the visitor makes assumptions about your company, your competency and even your trustworthiness. The same process that plays out in a real life “first impressions” also play out on your website. Let the person see someone like themselves in your website. Let them see that you understand the pain of the the issue they’re facing or you will help them achieve the desired outcome they are seeking.

Instead of forcing them to read a bunch of marketing copy about you, jump right into their pain point, their goal or what they’re hoping to achieve. De-emphasize your messaging and branding and stick to empathizing and understanding your website visitor.

Show them their pain. Show their problem solved. Show that you understand and are on the same page.

Show them a mirror.