Your Customers Don’t Believe Your 5-Star Reviews

We meet with a lot of business owners who fret over online reviews. With Yelp, Facebook, Google and all the places that people can leave reviews, it’s understandable that business owners want to get as many positive reviews and as few negative reviews as possible.

But is nothing but glowing reviews realistic?

As it turns out, consumers don’t necessarily believe 5-star reviews. Everyone knows a business owner who has asked family and friends to leave reviews for their business. Are those legitimate reviews that should inform someone’s decision whether or not to do business at an establishment? Not entirely.

If you want reviews of your business to be more believable, don’t encourage only 5-star reviews just from close friends and family. Live on the edge a little and encourage ALL your customers to leave reviews for your business online. Data shows that not only are a slew of 5-star reviews not believable, but a few bad reviews mixed in among many good reviews leaves a much more honest and helpful impression for the consumer. No business is perfect every single time so stop trying to convince the online world that yours is perfect.

Your reviews will be more believable and you could even experience more business.